Strategizing Plans Keeping Your Best Interests At Heart

Hargrove Firm LLP is committed to integrity, excellence, innovation, and compassion because we believe that each is necessary to achieve our vision of being the nation's leading trust and estate law practice.


Integrity demands consistency of word and deed, as well as a relentless adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct. To foster a culture of integrity, our firm employs a systematized approach to compliance, supported by audited processes, and a zero tolerance policy for violations.


Excellence is manifest in an uncompromising commitment to our clients. They deserve and have come to expect consummate professionalism, painstaking attention to detail, and our best judgment -- always. Simply put, we represent our clients as we would want to be represented. Anything short of our utmost is unacceptable.


Innovation is change ushered in by technological advancement. Change has come to the legal industry and new technologies are redefining the practice of law. Our firm welcomes change and embraces technology but only if it benefits our clients. Thus, we commit to any innovation that improves our efforts to render convenient, cost-efficient services without sacrificing our client's best interests.


Compassion is required in times of difficulty and it is during these times that we are called upon by our clients. Whether it is advice on caring for a terminally ill family member or guidance on a high-stakes tax controversy, we deliver expertise with empathy, knowing that our clients come to us for an experienced hand as well as a sympathetic ear.

The quality of legal care you receive is critical.

We are sensitive to the issues and challenges our clients face.