January 3, 2023

Economic predictions and legal industry insights for the coming year from Jamie Hargrove were featured in the 2023 Kentucky Economic Outlook by The Lane Report.

“I forecast 2023’s economy to be an 8 out of 10, as major businesses in Kentucky continue to positively impact the nation’s economy while propelling our state’s economy to new heights. The Ford plants in Louisville are, together, among the largest in the world, and the Toyota plant in Georgetown leads the brand’s U.S. facilities. The new BlueOval SK Battery Park in Glendale garners worldwide recognition and the Kentucky Derby, hosted by $9 billion public company Churchill Downs, is a bucket-list experience for many world leaders. The KFC brand is a household name worldwide (particularly in China). Our Bourbon Trail attracts national and international tourism to the state and makes us a world-recognized leader in the bourbon industry.

“The legal industry is changing as demand for convenient, online delivery of legal services continues to increase for both attorneys and clients. Kentucky hosts unique startup companies and established service centers for major law firms, providing our state an opportunity to be a leader in changing the way legal services are delivered. Because we expect to be a major player in changing the delivery of legal services, our staffing will be up significantly. The capital spending, given the nature of remote work environments, will be virtually nonexistent.”

Read more insights in the full report.