Under Jamie Hargrove’s leadership, Hargrove Firm has developed a track record of excellence in providing estate planning legal counsel to financial planners and their clients. That wealth of experience accounts for Hargrove Firm’s industry-leading practice and consistent client success. But it also serves as the foundation for a set of values that are applied to all of Hargrove Firm’s engagements. Those values are:


We give due regard, without judgment, to the needs and wishes of clients and the financial advisors who serve those clients. It means that in order to provide them with the best possible service, we must listen and understand each of them and honor the relationship between them.


We aim to give the best possible legal counsel in every case, with no exceptions. This requires a great depth of knowledge to draw from, balanced with the humility and curiosity to keep learning in the face of an ever-changing legal, political, and technological environment.


We love what we do, and we enthusiastically embrace the challenge of mastering our craft. Our reward is the opportunity to improve the quality of other people’s lives and legacies.


We know the joy of giving from our own experiences and through our practice; we seek to share that joy. We encourage our clients to give because, as Jamie is often heard to say, “My happiest clients are my most generous clients.”