What kind of affiliation options are there?

Hargrove Firm is seeking of counsel attorney relationships to serve clients in all fifty states and Washington, D.C..

What kind of experience do I need?

We are seeking out attorneys who spend at least a third of their time practicing estate planning. We also require some indication of estate planning across your web presences, namely your website and LinkedIn profile. 

What is NetLaw?

NetLaw is the technology platform that powers Hargrove Firm’s online estate planning practice. It automates the process from referral to scheduling a meeting to automating document creation.

How does Hargrove Firm’s service compare to other online services like LegalZoom?

First, we have no interest in making legal services a commodity and joining a race to the bottom on price and quality. Our target client base is high-net-worth individuals who need competent attorneys providing a premium service. So our offering will places a higher emphasis on client-attorney engagement. We’re more expensive than a do-it-yourself option, but we’re delivering far more value.

Is the online system complicated or difficult to learn?

We certainly don’t think so. We have taken pains to make NetLaw a user-friendly app for attorneys, financial advisors, and clients alike. The goal is to make the estate planning process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

Will you provide training?

Yes. The platform is easy to learn, but we will provide training so you will not have to worry about a learning curve. We will also pay you for the time you spend in training.

Can I get a demo of the platform before I decide?

Yes, get in touch and we will schedule a demo for you. We also have a link to a recorded training session that we can send to you. Please email Tucker Hargrove for more information.

Will I be billing you or the client?

Hargrove Firm will pay you directly per each completed engagement. You will also receive a percentage of incremental services that result from your client engagements and referrals to the traditional practice in areas such as advanced tax planning, trust & estate litigation, business succession planning, elder care, and special needs planning.

Will I need to do any marketing?

No. Demand for your services will be generated by the marketing push for Hargrove Firm’s online estate planning services in the financial advisor community. As we enroll clients who need estate planning services, they will be referred to an of counsel attorney based on their location.

How do I get started?

If you are interested, please email Hargrove Firm’s Managing Partner, Tucker Hargrove.